Ion propulsion equipped probe to slip into Ceres’ orbit tomorrow (March 6th)

On March 6th, the Dawn probe will use it’s ion propulsion system to get it into orbit around the dwarf planet Ceres. Ceres is the most-massive body in the asteroid belt, Dawn’s previous target, Vesta, is the second-most-massive.

Over the last few weeks media has reported about the white dots on the surface, scientists are unsure yet what the reflective material is, my bet is that it’s ice.

Others had different theories…

Either way, over the next few weeks I’m sure it will be revealed what the cause is, the mission should also reveal the answers to other secrets held by the dwarf planet. Dawn’s mission started way back in 2007, that was before we’d heard of the ‘2008 financial crisis’, before decent Android phones and before the iPad, wow!

If you want to hear more about this mission keep your eyes peeled to news stations and NASA social feeds tomorrow as the probe goes into orbit, also if you missed the press conference held on March 2nd the video is embedded below.

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