HTC and Valve bring SAO one step closer with the HTC RE Vive

Valve and HTC are partnering up to bring the world their idea of a virtual reality headset. The partnership sees HTC providing the hardware and Valve providing the Steam VR software. The two companies hope to see a developer edition of the headset released in Spring 2015 and a consumer-ready edition by the Holiday season.

In the anime, Sword Art Online (SAO), we see characters using VR headsets somewhat more sophisticated than what the HTC RE Vive will bring but at least we are getting there. HTC will also hope to revive itself after losing a lot of its mobile market share to the likes of Samsung.

The RE Vive will be going up against the likes of Sony’s Morpheus headset, which supports 120 frames per second, 30 more than the RE Vive. The higher the frame rate, the smoother the picture will be, this will be immensely important for such a device.

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