TAILS OS bumped to version 1.1

TAILS, the anonymity OS, has been upgraded to version 1.1. The distribution that makes it easy for end users to run Tor, which was recommended by Edward Snowden, has received one of it’s biggest updates in it’s history.

The major change in the latest update is that Debian Wheezy, not Squeeze, has been chosen as the base of the OS. In doing this change the end user see newer packages, GNOME 3 fallback mode environment (used to be GNOME 2) and LibreOffice is used instead of OpenOffice.

Other major features include:
-UEFI boot support, which allows it to run properly on newer computers.
-Windows XP camouflage has been replaced with Windows 8 camouflage.
-VirtualBox guest modules, installed from Wheezy backports however full functionality is only available when using the 32-bit kernel.

Along with these changes there are some security fixes including the web browser moving to version 24.7.0 ESR (IceWeasel based on Firefox) and an upgrade to Linux 3.14.12-1 which should enable newer hardware to work properly, such as my sound card.

There are still a few bugs to be worked out although they won’t be present for long as the TAILS team are fairly good to sticking to their schedule [https://tails.boum.org/contribute/calendar/]. When fixes do come down the pipeline you will be able to upgrade directly from the live environment thanks to the Tail Upgrader introduced in the last release.

I2P users should also beware this flaw

Source: TAILS