Evidence against Assange must be handed over after revision to law

Two years into Julian Assange’s stay in the Ecuadorian embassy his lawyers, due to a change in Swedish law, have demanded the the prosecution hand over their evidence against Assange. Some of the evidence is said to contain text messages from one of the women who Assange allegedly raped, who claimed she was shocked when Assange was arrested as she didn’t want to press charges against him for rape.

Julian Assange has been stranded in the Ecuadorian embassy since 2012

Assange’s lawyers filed the request for the material on Tuesday stating “the messages strongly suggest that there is no basis for the arrest and they are thus vital so that he can effectively tackle the arrest warrant.”

The June 1st amendment of the law has allowed such a request to take place, it will give the defence access to the text messages sent between the women and Assange. Assange alleges there is a text from one of the women which says that she wasn’t going to press rape charges against him.

Assange has been stuck in the embassy since 2012, recently marking his second anniversary in the building, this news should help free him from this limbo.