World’s press displays pure hypocrisy

On June 23rd Egypt’s court sentenced four Al Jazeera journalists (one in absentia) to seven to ten years in prison. One of the journalists, Peter Greste, an Australian, received support from his government who asked the Egyptians to change their mind.

Similarly the western world’s press expressed their disgust toward the verdict and showed their solidarity by doing one minute silence.

This response is no surprise however it is hypocritical. Julian Assange, a journalist is currently in the Ecuadorian embassy and upon leaving could face 35 years of more years in jail, that being a five -times longer sentence than was issued by the Egyptians.

Channel 4 news were one of the organisations joining in with the one minute silence, including offering words of encouragement for the journos. This in stark contrast of the interview they had with Assange on the two year anniversary of his stay in the Ecuadorian embassy, they interviewer started arguing with Assange where he responded along the lines of “this is what we have to expect from the British media”, after all they (the media) only tells government truth.