ProtonMail reaches funding goal

Three days after starting it’s indiegogo campaign, ProtonMail surpassed it’s target of $100,000. The new mail service is currently in beta and is gradually rolling out invites to those who apply early.

The campaign which began on June 17th is currently sitting at $127,598, which puts it in surplus of it’s original goals. E-mail has typically been an insecure medium, it is fairly easy for a determined party to see the contents of an e-mail and it’s metadata. ProtonMail hopes to address these issues however by encrypting users’ data before it reaches the ProtonMail servers and is only decrypted when it is read by the recipient.

DTL reached out to the ProtonMail team to address some concerns over their system, we asked whether their encryption algorithms were tried and tested and whether their source code was open source for auditing reasons.

They responded stating “We use open source crypto libraries that have been tested by the security community”, regarding the concerns over whether all of their code would be open source they replied “we plan to open source our code after beta when our system is more stable and reliable.”

These are encouraging signs from the provider. Telegram an IM client, also touted itself as a secure service however attracted criticism from experts who stated that Telegram’s algorithms were home grown and therefore likely to be weaker as they hadn’t been scrutinised.