More GCHQ spying on residents revealed

GHCQ have been forced to reveal secret government policy justifying it spying on residents’ use of Facebook, Twitter, Google and Youtube.

Charles Farr, the Director General of the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism, claims that the indiscriminate interception of UK residents’ Facebook and Google communications would be permitted under law because they are defined as ‘external communications’, according to this statement.

Farr claims that GCHQ has the right to indiscriminately spy on residents’ use of services that are hosted abroad. It was previously reported from the Snowden leaks that spy agencies who couldn’t spy on their own nationals would instead spy on another nation and then trade data with the spy agency in the other nation, this group has commonly been referred to as the Five Eyes.

This only further justifies the need for citizens to use encryption technologies. It’s claimed by Snowden’s leaks that spy agencies collect encrypted data and therefore it is essential that everyone uses encryption by default so this is the norm.

By UK law, data between two British nationals can only be intercepted with a government warrant when there is reasonable suspicion, however under the doctrine revealed by Privacy International et al, GCHQ can intercept data of two British nationals without a warrant if they’re using foreign services.

For instructions on setting up email encryption see this link:

For viewing web pages securely install this plugin (great for coffee shops when you are on an open network):