Kickstarter adds a journalism section

The website that helped bring us the Pebble is now going to allow it’s users to more easily fund journalism ventures.


Although Kickstarter has, in the past, funded journalism projects, the site now wants to make it easier for it’s users to hand over their cash to journalism projects by creating a new section on the site.

It’d be a vast understatement to say the world of journalism is currently experiencing a lot of change. To us, that means it’s more important than ever to make sure journalists have the tools and resources to try new things — whether they’re professionals looking for innovative ways of funding and sharing their work, or ordinary folks with a hunger to tell the stories around them. Together, we’ve seen people launch terrific podcasts, magazines, works of photojournalism, websites, and striking tools for learning about the world. We’re sure we’ll be seeing even more amazing things to come. – Kickstarter

Hopefully this move will help bring about some interesting new outlets online and off, it’s already gained the interest of one of the big guns.